Deryneia / Announcement: Cleaning of Plots in the Municipality by the owners

Measure to eliminate the risk of causing or spreading fires

The Municipality of Deryneia, referring to the Law on Municipalities, Article 91, invites all the owners (or representatives) of plots or other plots of land located within the Residential, Industrial or Craft Zone of the Municipality, as well as the owners of fields whose plots are adjacent to the plots. other buildings or bordering the above Zones, as until May 30, 2022 carry out their complete cleaning. It is pointed out that the pieces should be thoroughly cleaned throughout their area and perimeter. Leaving small piles of junk or dispersing them and transporting them to adjacent pieces is not a satisfactory cleaning.

The Municipality of Deryneia invites all those affected as they cooperate to maintain the cleanliness and good appearance of the municipal area and the surrounding area. Satisfactory cleaning of plots is an additional measure to eliminate the risk of fire or spread of fire and to limit rodents.