CRUELTY: Christina Roussou, who led the Pan-Cypriots, speaks to Famagusta.News (BINTEO)

The Paralimni High School student from Deryneia passed the Medical School with a "clear" 20

Anonymous 45 x 20 cm 1200 x 675 px 1300 × 700 px 45 exclusive, Christina Roussou

Christina Roussou of the Lyceum of Paralimni transferred to the Medical School of the University of Cyprus and speaking to KYPE she said that "I feel very satisfied and proud because my efforts have been rewarded.

I was surprised by the fact that I was among the first because I did not expect it" he said and noted that "I will also think about studying in Greece, however it is very likely that I will accept the position at the University of Cyprus".

In response to a related question, Christina said that "in the context of Medicine, I have received a total grade of 20, which I did not expect at all."

He added that “in order to succeed I had to sacrifice a lot of my social life, but it was worth it. My parents have always supported me and it is important to have people by our side who in difficult times cheer us up and are close to us".