DERINEIA: New water cut due to works - What you need to know

New more frequent water interruptions due to the improvement projects of Stadium Road in Deryneia

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The Municipality of Deryneia informs consumers that due to the reconstruction/improvement of Stadiou street (Derynia - Sotira road) and the replacement of the main water supply pipe, there will be a need for frequent interruptions in the supply of drinking water.

Consumers will be informed through announcements on the Social Media of the Municipality of Deryneia and by sending SMS to those of the citizens who have given their consent for this purpose.

Those who wish to receive messages on their mobile phone for information, can contact the Municipality Secretariat (tel. 23811000) by signing the relevant form, or give their consent via email or they could fill in the electronic form on our website by clicking on the following link

Find more about the form here⬇