DERINEIA: The program of the Christmas village for today

See the detailed program for today Friday, 02/12/2022

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The Municipality of Deryneia has been selected by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism for the operation of "Christmas Village 2022-2023" for the period November 25, 2022 to January 15, 2023. Daily from 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. events and other activities will take place in Panagia Square and in the Museum areas up to Agios Modestos Square.

The aim of the Municipality of Deryneia is the involvement of local businesses, civil society, volunteers and organized groups in the entire event, so that foreign and local visitors can get to know the hospitality of Deryneia, the Cypriot tradition and through the various activities to bring smiles to children and entertainment to adults.

See the detailed program for today Friday, 02/12/2022

9:45 Interactive presentation of the children's book
"The day the ice cream ran out" (humor theme, fake news)
Author: Antonis Zarintas
Illustration: Vassilis Grivas

16:00 We make Christmas crafts with chisels and macramé with the ladies of KLOTHO.
The members of the Christian Association of Panagia Deryneia knead bread and bake in the wood-fired oven of the Folklore Museum

17:00 Backgammon Competition

19:00 Members of the All-Cypriot Association of Folk Poets and Friends of Cypriot Poetry, accompanied by violin and lute, chat and recite.

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