Occupied Deryneia: Settlement works along the dead zone (VIDEO)

Preparatory work and mobility prevails along the dead zone in the area of ​​occupied Deryneia, with the occupying regime launching the settlement of areas belonging to refugees

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Preparatory work and mobility prevails along the dead zone in the area of ​​occupied Deryneia, with the occupying regime initiating the settlement of areas belonging to refugees.

SIGMA was in Deryneia on the occasion of yesterday's revelations that there was movement in the area between Agios Memnon and occupied Deryneia.

The announcements of Tayyip Erdoğan when he visited the occupied areas in June for the construction of 1192 social housing in the Deryneia region are also relevant.

"We must make it clear that the Turks are not bluffing, they are not communication tricks, I think what was announced a few months ago is confirmed with this information that reached us, said the Mayor of Deryneia, Andros Karagiannis.

The work carried out yesterday is in a military area where photography and any other activity is prohibited.

Along the dead zone there are scattered embankments that refer to land development operations.

The Mayor of Deryneia noted that "unfortunately, the concerns we expressed and which you also raised a few months ago regarding the construction of some houses between the area of ​​Agios Memnon and the occupied Deryneia, yesterday we received information that there was a lot of movement mainly by heavy vehicles in the area between Agios Memnon and occupied lower Deryneia, we also requested information and our concerns are confirmed that indeed it is regarding the construction of these houses, something that worries us very much".

Residents of Deryneia express concern and indignation. Anxiety as the occupying regime proceeds to colonize areas. Indignation because the Cypriot governments for a number of years have not managed to protect the interests of the country.

According to a resident of the area, Turkey is moving ahead with its plans for the settlement of Varosi and it seems that the failures of the respective governments do not prevent Turkey from proceeding with its plans for settlement and the construction of houses and we saw Erdogan yesterday in his speech at the United Nations who presented himself almost like the new planetary leader.

“They did what they did…we are worried…is the government worried about us? this is what i want to know. Fait accompli exists and we see it every day for 50 years. Nothing changed. What else can we say? What will our governments do?"

Condemnations by political forces

The new illegal projects of the occupying regime are condemned by the local political forces.

The vice-president of DISY, Savia Orfanidou, said that they have completely derailed both with their statements and with their projects. "In any case, any acts or projects by the pseudo-state to strengthen its own existence which does not exist are condemnable," he added.

In turn, the vice-president of DIPA, Marinos Cleanthos, emphasized that as long as the Cyprus problem remains pending, as long as we do not find an arrangement that will bring peace and stability, there will be more and more challenges, whether they are in Deryneia, immigration or Varosi.

The common conclusion of both vice-presidents is that negotiations must resume immediately.

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Source: Sigmalive