With the money of usurpers they will build a new settlement in occupied Deryneia

The new achievements will bring the Turkish settlers, of the third generation, closer and closer to the free Cyprus

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The announced move to settle the occupied Lower Deryneia, by the neo-sultan himself, last June, according to reliable information from Sigma, seems to be taking shape.

According to a Sigma report, the new achievements, with the construction of 1.192 apartments in the occupied Lower Deryneia, which will bring the Turkish settlers, of the third generation, closer and closer to the free Cyprus, are ahead of us, with the start of the works to is set in October.

Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to occupied Famagusta was accompanied by the announcement for the settlement of Kato Deryneia.

This announcement, however, did not remain on paper but was accompanied by specific steps that had to be taken. These steps, according to Sigma's information, were the creation of three funds. One for the reparations committee, one for the construction of social housing, to which we are referring, in occupied Lower Deryneia and one more that they called the "earthquake" fund.

According to a report by Sigma, the specific funds certainly required saving money. This was done with proceeds from the usurpation of Greek Cypriot properties in the occupied territories.

Specifically, for almost a year now, the occupying regime has increased the tax for the purchase of real estate from foreigners from 6% to 12%, and this percentage is distributed among the three funds.

4% goes to the compensation commission, 2% to the earthquake fund and 3% to the social housing fund. In a few words, the money that flowed into the fund for social housing in Lower Deryneia, we can all understand how much it must be to speed up their construction, which will also constitute new achievements with the settlement of occupied Lower Deryneia by third generation Turks .

It is noted that revelations that see the light of day every day regarding the cases of embezzlement by Simon Mistriel Aykut, are indicative of the huge amount of money that has flowed into this particular fund as, as mentioned above, it comes from the purchase of real estate from foreigners. It is known, after all, that more than seven thousand Russian and Iranian usurpers have acquired the so-called right to purchase real estate in the occupied territories within the last three years, while it is known that Israelis, British, Germans, Turks and others are involved in the party of usurpation they want to acquire houses and holiday homes at bargain prices or to launder black money.

The usurpation of Greek Cypriot properties by all of them, therefore, is the one that supplies money to the specific treasury of the pseudo-state, which in turn gives the pseudo-state the financial ability to speed up the construction of houses in the occupied Lower Deryneia.

It is emphasized that the illegal construction of the 1192 apartments and houses in the occupied Lower Deryneia is only the beginning. It is the arbitrary housing of more than 10 thousand new couples of third-generation Turkish settlers, who, I say in passing, will constantly increase numerically.

In essence, it will be a new city that Tatar will build with three times the population of the 1500 refugees of Lower Deryneia.

The new extremity will be located 700 meters away from the Deryneia roadblock, a stone's throw from the free areas.

This is the left part of Famagusta Avenue, just behind the barbed wire. That is, where the houses of Greek Cypriots were built before 1974.

At the site today there is only agricultural land and the dilapidated houses left by the refugees after Attila uprooted them. The specific area is agricultural and livestock breeding.

It is recalled that the neo-sultan made a relevant statement on June 12, 2023.

The Turkish President had even warned that "he will not lose another 50 years in negotiations with the maximalist positions of the Greek Cypriots", repeating his vision for "a solution based on the cooperation of two separate states and as long as the sovereign rights of the Turkish Cypriots are confirmed, which stem from claims from the 1960 agreements".

Source: SIGMA TV