The "Famagusta Child's Day" took place in Deryneia (EIKONES)

More than sixty children participated

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The event of our Municipality entitled "Famagusta Children's Day" took place on Sunday, June 19, at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Famagusta in Deryneia.

More than sixty children participated, who painted and made clay constructions. Then they were guided to the Cultural Center where through a short video about the history of Famagusta but also personal experiential stories of the Mayor and members of the Municipal Council they learned about the city of their ancestors.

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At the end of the event, the students who took part in writing stories about Famagusta were honored.

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Kyriakos, Christina, Polydoros, Anassa, Kristia, Nikolas, Maria and the other children, showed that the love for the city of their ancestors was not lost.

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