New York to judge what to do with Deryneia roadblock

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New York will be judged on what will happen with the opening of the roadblocks, a well-informed source told the Cyprus News Agency, adding that the Turkish military outpost has not been moved to Deryneia - which is manned - while in Lefkosia has not completed the work required to open the roadblock.

The issue of roadblocks is expected to be raised during the meeting on September 28 of the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, with the Secretary General. Antonio Guterres, and during Mr. Guterres' meeting with Turkish leader Mustafa Akinci on September 29.

"Everything will depend on these meetings," the same source told KYPE, who was asked to comment on information about the opening of the Deryneia roadblock in early October, noting at the same time that the United Nations is aware of Nicosia's position on the issue.

"The situation on the ground has not changed, the Turkish military outpost remains manned there and our information during the last 48 hours is that they will not leave," the same source told KYPE, expressing hope that white smoke will come out of the discussions on this subject in New York.

He added that it is the two leaders who will decide when the opening will take place and that if there is such a development, things will move forward at the level of the bi-communal Technical Committee for the Opening of Roadblocks.

He reiterated that the Greek Cypriot side is ready to open the roadblock in Deryneia, while as far as the roadblock in Lefka is concerned, the works in the free areas are nearing completion.

On the contrary, he noted, the Turkish Cypriot side is not technically ready to open the roadblock in Lefka.