66-year-old dies in nursing home in Deryneia: The case may be taken to the Attorney General

IMG 1061 scaled 66 years old, Deryneia, Nea Famagusta, nursing home, PYRKAGIA, TAE Famagusta

The causes of the fire that broke out in the nursing home in Deryneia, which claimed the life of a 66-year-old, remain unknown. According to statements by the Head of TAE Famagusta on the show "Alpha Good Morning", the examinations are being continued by the Authorities to determine the specific causes. 

Andreas Konstantinou - Head of TAE Famagusta
"The causes remain unknown. The employees and the owner continue to take deposits ".

Asked about the progress of the case, Mr. Konstantinou stated that it is possible to send the file to the General Secretary.

"It is not unlikely that the case will be taken to the Attorney General, but it is not our responsibility to close the house." 

Closing, the Head of TAE Famagusta, stated that the repairs to the building have already proceeded, while the results of the investigations are awaited in order to proceed with further announcements.

Source: alphanews