Elderly Xylofagos are protesting against the closure of the local doctor's office

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The elderly members of the Local Organization of Retirees of EKYSY Xylofagou are protesting, because the local doctor's office has stopped operating.

A written announcement of EKYSY states that "every Wednesday, a physician from the Organization of Public Health Services (OKYPY) went to the Xylofagos Community Clinic. At the urging of the authorities, a significant number of retirees from the Community, after being deleted by other personal doctors, registered with the specific doctor in order to serve them every Wednesday ".

It is added that "the doctor of OKYPY, based at the General Hospital of Famagusta and the Regional Hospital of Ormidia, stopped working after going to Greece for personal obligations, but the officials of the Famagusta Hospital did not replace him or inform him whether he would return to Cyprus. ».

EKYSY calls on "the management of the State Health Services Organization and the competent Ministry of Health to address the problem immediately because the elderly can not be left without a personal physician" noting that "it is their responsibility to solve the problem immediately."

Source: Omegalive