He claimed one of 20 scholarships and studied for free at Internapa College

Take part and claim one of the 20 Scholarships granted by Internapa College in collaboration with FamagustaNews in 4 different study programs - On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Internapa College

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The InterNapa College celebrates 20 years of life and offers in collaboration with Famagusta.News 20 SCHOLARSHIPS and gives you the right to study COMPLETELY FREE!

Submit your expression of interest at the link below and claim one of 20 scholarships for all of his study programs InterNapa College:


The scholarships concern all study programs and in combination with the State Sponsorship, they can offer FREE EDUCATION!

In detail, the scholarships that will be awarded are:

  • 5 SCHOLARSHIPS for Masters in Business Administration (MBA) – 18 months
  • 5 SCHOLARSHIPS for Bachelor & Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management – 4 years (Bachelor in Hospitality & Tourism Management)
  • 5 SCHOLARSHIPS for Diploma in Culinary Arts – 2 years (Diploma in Culinary Arts)
  • 5 SCHOLARSHIPS for Academic Certificate in BAROLOGY – Professional Bartending – 1 year (Certificate in Professional Bartending)

With the declaration of interest, InterNapa College will contact the interested applicant directly, to receive all the necessary information, confirm the chosen Bachelor's or Master's Program and/or submit a registration application.

For the granting of the Scholarships (Subsidized Tuition), academic and social criteria apply and the selection of candidates will be made through the interview process.

The winners-beneficiaries of each scholarship (Subsidized Tuition), will be notified immediately by InterNapa College. Winners-beneficiaries grant their consent in advance to participate in promotional activities in the Media and Social Media that InterNapa College will decide, in the context of the promotion of the results of the relevant competition.

InterNapa College reserves the right to refuse to award any or all of the mentioned scholarships (Subsidized Tuition) to interested applicants who will not meet the necessary academic or social admission criteria applied by InterNapa College during the academic year (2023- 24) and/or to applicants who refuse or delay to declare acceptance of the scholarship they won and/or their enrollment in the relevant Study Program, within one week from the date of their notification.

The scholarships in question (Subsidized Tuition), are not exchanged for a monetary or other prize, are not transferred to third parties, nor can they be utilized at a later stage, beyond the academic year 2023-24.

These scholarships (Subsidized Tuition), are offered based on the current availability of vacancies in the following InterNapa College Degree Programs.

By the term "Scholarship" and/or "Subsidized Tuition", it is meant exclusively the cost of tuition fees. It does not include any other possible expenses that may be connected or related to the studies.

With the term "Study for Free" or "Study Completely Free" as mentioned in the promotions, it means the opportunity to combine the scholarship with the government sponsorship. In the event that an applicant is unable to receive a state grant, the remaining percentage of the scholarship provided by InterNapa College will apply.

Competition duration: until September 27, 2023

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