The pulpits of the iconostasis of Agios Anastasios Peristeronopigi were repatriated

What the Metropolitan of Constantia - Famagusta mentioned

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Satisfaction for repatriation from Japan of the pulpits of the iconostasis of Agios Anastasios of Peristeronopigi in occupied Famagusta, expressed in statements to KYPE the Metropolitan Constantia - Famagusta Vassilios.

He added that it is "with great satisfaction that we heard about the repatriation of the pulpits of the iconostasis of the church of Agios Anastasios in the occupied Peristeronopigi of Famagusta".

He thanked "all those who have contributed either, in the past by preparing the ground, because in the conscience of those who had the pulpits in Japan was that it now belonged to them because they had acquired them legally" and the Department of Antiquities "for the efforts it has made in cooperation with the Church for the restoration of the pulpits in Cyprus ".

He added that "a part of our culture returns to its own place. We hope that other losers, not only from the church of Agios Anastasios of Peristeronopigi, but also from all our occupied land, will find the way back ".

The Metropolitan also stated that the return of the specific pulpits "is of special importance", because as he explained, "Saint Anastasios is a Cypriot. "There we have the place where he practiced asceticism, where he sanctified, we have the ancient temple and their return acquires special significance" he said and added that "the pulpits will go for maintenance and later will be placed in the Byzantine Museum of the Archdiocese".

Their return "for the Diocese of Constantia - Famagusta is very important" he said and expressed the hope "after consultation with the Archbishop, that we have the pulpits, as we prepare a Museum in Ayia Napa, where we hope to be placed" among others and the specific pulpits of Agios Anastasios of Peristeronopigi.

Asked to mention whether there is another ecclesiastical heirloom for repatriation, which was stolen by the Turks in the occupied territories, the Metropolitan said that "for the time being there is nothing in the foreground. For the time being, the issue is that, at least in the midst of this darkness and despair that has occurred due to the recent actions of Turkey against Cyprus, the cultural catastrophe that is a war crime should emerge ".

We must, he continued, "at some point raise our heads and say things by name, because we can not remain silent and accept all these challenges from Turkey, which occupies our Cyprus, destroys, plunders and still wants to do own possession of our homeland. "I think it is a golden opportunity to use this fact (repatriation of the pulpits) both politically and geostrategically to highlight the crime committed by Turkey."

To another question, Konstantias Vassilios answered that "we must develop a cultural diplomacy, since many times people are more moved by something like this than by political diplomacy. "Because people are tired of listening to them, or they no longer want to listen to them, or we turn only to our own interests, we end up forgetting the wider interest of our place."

The Metropolitan sent the message to the Cypriot people that we must "stand up at this time, because of the Covid-19 which afflicts not only Cyprus but the whole world ".