Celebrations in memory of St. Epifaniou in Paralimni, Ayia Napa and Liopetri

The Holy Diocese of Constantia and Famagusta organizes again this year solemn celebrations for the memory of the patron Saint Epiphanius

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Solemn Celebrations of Saint Epiphanius 2023. On the occasion of the memory of Saint Epiphanius, Archbishop of Constantia and patron of the Holy Metropolis of Constantia and Famagusta, festive events in honor of Saint Epiphanius will be held in the month of May.

As part of the religious gatherings, the solemn Vespers will be celebrated on Thursday, May 11 and the solemn Divine Liturgy on Friday, May 12, in the holy chapels of Agios Epiphanios in Ayia Napa and in Liopetri.

During the celebrations, the venerable chariot of Saint Epiphanius will be placed for veneration in the celebrating churches, but also in other churches of the Metropolis. Relevant information will be available on the website of the Holy Metropolis.

The program of festive events will also include:

Saturday, May 6, in the morning: Painting workshop for children at the holy church of Agia Varvara in Paralimni.

Friday, May 12, in the evening: Speech by Dr. Christodoulos Hatzichristodoulou and artistic event in the forecourt of the chapel of Agios Epiphanios in Ayia Napa.

Tuesday, May 16: Charity Dinner of the Coordinating Committee of Women's Christian Associations in the Laxia hall in Paralimni with speaker Dr. Georgios Kakkouras.

Wednesday, May 17: Graduation Ceremony of the Salamis Free University of Famagusta and photographic exhibition "Physiologist Epiphanius Archbishop of Cyprus".

More information can be found in the program

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