OP. MON/STU: Hooded man in booth threatening with knife – Customer interrupted robbery

Pointed Knife at Kiosk Clerk – Stopped Robbery Customer

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Members of the Police have arrested a 25-year-old man, in connection with an investigated case of attempted robbery, committed last Wednesday, March 15, at a kiosk in the province of Famagusta. The suspect was taken into custody pending investigation.

In a statement, the Police Communications Branch states that "According to the data under investigation, around 6.40:XNUMX am on Wednesday, a man who had his face covered with a hood, entered a booth in the province of Famagusta and after pointing a knife at the worker at booth, he demanded that she give him the money from the cash register. At the same time, the suspect tried to open the cash register without succeeding, while immediately after, after a customer entered the booth, the suspect ran away."

It is noted that "from the examinations carried out by members of the TAE Famagusta, where the robbery attempt was reported on the same day, evidence emerged against the 25-year-old. A judicial arrest warrant was issued against him, under which he was arrested shortly before 9.30 yesterday morning. He was then brought before the District Court of Famagusta, which issued a seven-day detention order against him, for the purpose of investigating the case."

"Interrogated by the members of the TAE, the 25-year-old allegedly confessed to committing the attempted robbery. The TAE of Famagusta continues the exams", concludes the announcement.