Rev. Am/stu: They were growing cannabis in an apartment - Handcuffs on five people (PHOTO)

They built a greenhouse with cannabis plants inside an apartment - Arrest of five people

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On March 21, members of the Famagusta Police Department searched with a court warrant an apartment located in the province of Famagusta.

During the investigation, a purpose-built greenhouse was located, in which seven cannabis plants, 30 to 45 cm tall, were grown in pots, which were taken as evidence.

Various other items of evidence were also located and taken from the apartment.

As part of the investigation of the case, a total of five persons were arrested in the last week until today.

All five persons were brought (during the week) before the District Court of Famagusta, which issued four-day detention orders for the four and two days for the fifth.

YKAN (Famagusta Provincial Ladder) continues the exams.

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