Famagusta District: 7-day detention for 59-year-old and 80-year-old for case of counterfeit banknotes (VIDEO)

What the Famagusta Police Spokesman, Andreas Konstantinou, says in a statement

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The Famagusta District Court today issued a seven-day detention order against two people aged 59 and 80 to facilitate police investigations into investigated cases of trafficking and possession of counterfeit 50 euro banknotes, securing goods with false representations, false representations theft and conspiracy to commit a crime, offenses committed between 25 - 27 August in the free area of ​​Famagusta.

According to the Police, yesterday searches were carried out by members of the Famagusta TAE at the homes of the two people in the province of Famagusta. The investigations were carried out following data that emerged during the investigation of complaints submitted by two citizens to the Police regarding the circulation of counterfeit 50 euro banknotes.

Specifically, the owner of a kiosk in Sotira complained yesterday to the Famagusta TAE that, among the receipts of the kiosk that took place last Tuesday, August 25, he found a 50 euro banknote, which was counterfeit.

A little earlier, a restaurant owner in Liopetri complained to the TAE that, last Tuesday, the 59-year-old went to his restaurant, who gave him a 50 euro banknote, asking him to change it with lower value banknotes.

The complainant exchanged the 59 euro banknote with other banknotes with the 50-year-old, however, after an inspection, he found that the banknote was counterfeit.

The members of the Police received the two banknotes from the two complainants for examinations, while as it was initially established, the two banknotes bore the same serial number V 1 5 2 9 4 1 3 5 7 6 8.

A 59-year-old arrest warrant was issued against him, based on which he was arrested shortly after 6.30 yesterday afternoon. A search of his home followed, during which he handed over to the members of the Police three 50 euro banknotes, stating that these are counterfeit.

An arrest warrant was also issued against the 80-year-old, based on the testimony that emerged during the investigation of the case. He was arrested shortly after 11 last night, while at his home, after an investigation, members of the Famagusta TAE located and detained for examination, 78 50 euro banknotes.

Some of the banknotes bore the same serial number V15294135768, while it is being investigated whether the other banknotes received are counterfeit.

The two suspects were detained in connection with an investigation into the possession and circulation of counterfeit banknotes, securing goods with false representations, attempted securing goods with false representations, theft and conspiracy to commit a crime.

This morning, the two arrested were brought before the Famagusta District Court, which issued a seven-day detention order against them.

The case is being investigated by the Famagusta Police Department.

Meanwhile, a statement from the Police states that “despite the fact that this case is believed to be isolated, the Police nevertheless urges the public to be careful in their transactions and sales. "Special care is recommended when transactions or purchases are made with banknotes of high monetary value, both in euros and in foreign currency, while any exchange of currency must be done in licensed institutions".

Furthermore, it is noted in the announcement "in case anything suspicious is perceived, the public is urged to contact the Police on the phone 1460 of the Citizen's Line or the nearest Police Station".