Famagusta District: Increased number of complaints for violation of the coronavirus measures

In the last 24 hours, the police made 52 complaints nationwide

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In the last 48 hours, the Police made 4 complaints from citizens and 24 premises for violation of the measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

A spokesman for the Police Press Office told KYPE that in the last 24 hours, which ended at 6:00 this morning, a total of 2.935 checks were carried out throughout free Cyprus.

By province, in Nicosia 285 inspections were carried out and 4 complaints were made by citizens, while in Limassol there were 14 complaints by citizens after 507 inspections. In Larnaca, 687 checks were carried out and 16 citizens were reported.

In Paphos, the Police reported 3 premises and 2 citizens for violation of the measures after conducting 382 inspections. In Famagusta, 470 inspections were carried out and 1 premises and 11 citizens were reported.

467 checks were also carried out in the area of ​​Morfos and 1 citizen complaint was made, while 19 were carried out by the Port and Maritime Police without any complaints. The Traffic Police also carried out 118 inspections without complaint.

Source: KYPE