Province of Famagusta: They said goodbye to 2022 with... winter dives (VIDEO)

Dives of winter swimmers in the waters of Kapparis and Ayia Napa to say goodbye to 2022

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Steadfast in their daily routine, even a few hours before the New Year and January, the winter swimmers in the free Famagusta.

On New Year's Eve, the brave swimmers, loyal to his daily meeting, found themselves on the beach of Kapparis, between Deryneia and Paralimnion, where they also performed the traditional king pie cutting dive.

In his statements, the Mayor of Deryneia and winter swimmer, Andros Karagiannis, said: "This year, we held the traditional cutting of the Vasilopitta of the winter swimmers of the Famagusta district here near our beloved city of Famagusta. For us, it is very important to swim next to the occupied beach of Deryneia and the occupied beach of Famagusta, because we feel that we are closer to our beloved city Famagusta."

Both the good weather and the temperature, which at least in free Famagusta still remains at relatively high levels for the season, allows not only winter swimmers but also our fellow citizens to still enjoy the crystal clear waters of Protaras and Ayia Napa.

However, the winter swimmers of Ayia Napa also performed their planned last dive of the year last Friday live on the show "Mesimeri ka Kati".

In fact, on the beach of Makronissos, in the past few days, the opening of a shelter to serve the winter swimmers of the area has also been held.