OP. AMMOCHOSTOU: Compensations for natural disasters announced by the Ministry

Damages to real estate in the province of Famagusta have been budgeted at 78 thousand

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The Council of Ministers decided on the payment of compensations for the disasters that occurred during the recent earthquakes in the provinces of Larnaca and Famagusta, validating the relevant recommendation of the Ministry of the Interior.

The competent Minister, Nikos Nouris, stated after the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday that 92 requests were registered for the province of Larnaca from the various affected parties, 74 of which concerned first homes. For the free Famagusta, 165 requests were submitted to the Ministry of the Interior, with 33 of them concerning first residences.

As Mr. Nouris said, the Council of Ministers proceeded to adopt the recommendation of the Ministry of the Interior for the compensation for the first homes, while for the rest of the properties a check will be made to see if and to what extent they have insurance coverage.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the decision of the Council of Ministers concerns the coverage of damages to first residences, adding that the damages to the properties in the province of Larnaca that have been budgeted are approximately 140 thousand euros and in the province of Famagusta 78 thousand.

Source: KYPE