Famagusta Province: Police and motorcyclists together for road safety (PICTURES)

Motorcyclist procession throughout the province of Famagusta and road safety information material from the Police and "Avgorou Bikers"

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An event on road safety was held yesterday afternoon in the tourist area of ​​the Municipalities and Communities of the province of Famagusta.

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The event, which was held by the Road Safety Department of the Famagusta Police Directorate under the auspices of the Chief of Police, in collaboration with the "AVGOROU BIKERS" motorcyclist group with the slogan "no more victims on the asphalt" was attended by members of the Famagusta Traffic Police and Community Policing .

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During the march of motorcyclists accompanied by the Police in communities of the province of Famagusta, informative and other material was distributed to passing drivers as well as to tourists with the aim of raising public awareness of the issue of road safety with a focus on the safety of pedestrians and motorcyclists .

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At the same time, the public was informed about the correct use of the motorcycle.