District of Famagusta: Dozens of complaints for traffic violations

The Police are continuing their checks - What violations are involved

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Within the framework of a campaign of the strategic planning of the Famagusta ADE for the prevention of road collisions in the Famagusta District and especially the prevention of road collisions committed with four-wheeled motorcycles and buggies were carried out by members of the Famagusta Traffic Police between the dates 21-22/6/24 and between between the hours of 21:00 – 04:00 road policing which resulted in 63 traffic complaints involving 10 complaints for not using a protective helmet, 9 violations related to not using a seat belt by a driver and 9 by passengers as well as traffic violations which related to driving without a safety certificate, violations of traffic signals and illegal parking (4) in a place for A.M.E.A.

Also, 25 alcohol checks were carried out with four complaints, while four four-wheeled motorcycles whose drivers were driving under the influence of alcohol were confiscated.

The campaign of ADE Famagusta to prevent and deal with road collisions committed with quad bikes and buggies will continue throughout the summer season while the public using the road network is reminded that excessive speed, driving with the use of a mobile phone and under the influence alcohol and drugs are the main causes of fatal and serious road collisions.