EP. Famagusta: Parents protest for the rapid tests on students (PICTURES)

Students were also protesting, holding banners with their demands (PICTURES)

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Dozens of parents held today, Sunday (07/03) in the Free area of ​​Famagusta, a protest against the rapid testing of students and the mandatory submission of a negative result to enter the classroom.

During the symbolic protest, the parents demanded that COVID19 be tested through saliva, which is more child-friendly, while pointing out that the state has not indicated any medical study that confirms that there is no problem with the health of children from the weekly use of the rapid nasal test.

They also emphasize that they understand why rapid tests need to be done (based on their preference for saliva) by all children during their first presentation at school. But then, as they report, they claim that the 20% (per department) of the rapid test presentation should be applied to children as it is done for all companies and since the majority of parents take a weekly rapid test in order to be able to present themselves at work their.

Third, parents also claim that there is a protocol for an immediate child protection plan that may test positive in rapid tests. The protocol should be prepared by the Ministry of Education, so that there is a protective shield for these children in the school environment. We can not allow any stigma towards our children who may come out positively from this virus.

The announcement ends by saying that "It's time to put an end to this sloppiness. We do not allow anyone to touch our children against their will and we do not allow any form of blackmail against them. Our children are the future of this place and we owe it as parents but also as a state to protect them. ”

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