District of Famagusta: Burglary house and stole hunting rifle - 20-year-old handcuffed

A police investigation found a shotgun in the possession of a 20-year-old man in the province of Famagusta

photo 27 exclusive, Police
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A hunting firearm that had been stolen from a residence in the province of Famagusta was found by members of the Police, who proceeded to arrest a person, a 20-year-old man, suspected of breaking into the residence and stealing the shotgun.

The burglary of the residence, the owner of which was absent abroad, was reported to the TAE of Famagusta last Tuesday, December 21, by a friend of the owner, who, however, had not noticed and did not report the theft of the weapon. According to the complaint, household appliances, with a total value of 1,000 euros, and a small amount of money were stolen from the residence.

As part of the investigation of the case of burglary and theft, members of the Famagusta Police Department today subjected the 20-year-old suspect to a check, who, when interrogated, confessed to the burglary of the residence and the theft of the hunting firearm, as well as a number of gold items. Subsequently, the suspect indicated to the members of the TAE, a building where the shotgun was hidden.

After a search of the premises, the members of the Police identified and took the firearm, which, as it was subsequently established, is the registered owner of the residence, the burglary of which was reported to the TAE of Famagusta on December 21.

The 20-year-old suspect was arrested and taken into custody, for the purposes of investigating the case, with the Famagusta TAE continuing the examinations.