OP Famagusta: The Compak SKOEPA Preparation Shooting Competition was held

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The Compak SKOEPA Shooting Training Competition was held on February 5, 2021, with absolute success and great participation by both the shooters and the member hunters.

The results were as follows:

Shooters: The first place was taken jointly by two shooters, Haris Christodoulidis and Lefkios Miltiadous with the same result, 73 hits on 75 records, who within the framework of good competition, shared the cash prize.

The third place was again co-ownership, with Dino Konstantinou and Giago Christodoulidis equalizing, resulting in 72 hits on the 75 records, which also shared the cash prize.

Hunters: Among our member hunters, George Papettas was ranked first, with 66 hits on 75 records. Marios Lazarou is second, with 65 hits on 75 records.

The third place was shared by 3 hunters, Kosmas Kapetanios, Christos Kouvaros and Pieris Ioannou, with 64 hits on 75 records, who also shared the cash prize.

To Veteran Shooters: The winner is Loukas Hamatsos with 59 hits on 75 records.

To the Super Veterans

Shooters: The winner is the former president of the Shooting Federation of Cyprus, Dimitris Lordos, with 54 hits on 75 records, whom we thank especially for giving us the honor to attend our race.

To Veteran Hunters: The winner is Christos Ttigos, with 54 hits on 75 records.

Re - Entry: The winner is Dinos Konstantinou, who repeated the same result he had achieved in the regular time of the match.

Fun Shoot: The winner is Elias Elias with 11 hits on 12 records. Second place for Haris Christodoulidis with 10 hits on 12 records. Third place was shared by Lefkios Miltiadous and Virginious, with 9 hits on 12 albums.

The board of SKOEPA wants to thank all the shooters who honored us with their presence and to congratulate the capitalists.

Now it is the turn of the Pancyprian Championship Games, the Provincial Race of SKOEPA, the games of the hunting clubs and many other surprises. Dates and how to do the above will be announced soon.