Province of Famagusta: Police raid on premises of 28-year-old - They found "ecstasy" and cannabis

Possession of drugs with the intention of supplying to another person – Arrest of a 28-year-old man in the province of Famagusta

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The arrest of a 28-year-old man was carried out yesterday by members of the Police and specifically members of the Anti-Narcotics Service - YKAN, after the discovery of more than 100 "ecstasy" pills and an amount of cannabis plant material exceeding 30 grams, in the residence and in a farm house of the 28-year-old , in the province of Famagusta.

Specifically, shortly after 2.00:28 yesterday afternoon, members of the National Security Agency conducted a search operation at the residence of the XNUMX-year-old suspect, as well as at his farm house, in the province of Famagusta, pursuant to a court warrant.

105 ecstasy pills were found in the farmhouse, as well as three bags containing a brown solid substance of cannabis resin, weighing a total of approximately 2,5 grams.

In the residence of the 28-year-old, a quantity of cannabis plant material with a total weight of approximately 32 grams, and cannabis resin weighing approximately one gram were found, while in the yard of the residence were found a bag with a white powder believed to be cocaine, weighing approximately one gram, and a metal grinder that contained traces of cannabis plant matter.

The 28-year-old was arrested by YKAN members and taken into custody for the purposes of investigating a case of drug possession with the intent of supplying another person.

The case is being investigated by the Provincial Echelon of YCAN in Famagusta.

Source: Police Press Release