Famagusta Province: Boats with 59 Syrian immigrants arrived

Two illegal entries into the territory of the Republic via Cape Greco

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A new arrival of a total of 59 irregular migrants from Syria took place today via Cabo Greco.

According to the Police, at 7:05 in the afternoon on Wednesday, May 24, a boat was detected by the radar of the Coastal and Maritime Police, sailing at a distance of 14 nautical miles southeast of Cape Greco.

The boat, about 10 meters long, was stopped 10 nautical miles southeast of Cabo Greco and as it was found, 46 irregular immigrants from Syria were on board, i.e. 31 men, three women and 12 children.

When interrogated, the migrants said that they started on Tuesday, May 23 from an area of ​​Syria and that they bought the boat together, paying about two and a half thousand dollars each, while they indicated a specific person as the boat's driver.

Moreover, today at noon, the immigrants and their boat were taken to the Ayia Napa marina, while a testimony emerged against a person that he was the driver of the boat.

The man was arrested and taken into custody while the other migrants were taken to the Pournara Reception Center in Kokkinotrimithia.

Moreover, at around 14:45 today, Thursday, May 25, a vessel was spotted at a distance of 9 nautical miles southeast of Cape Greco and members of the Port and Maritime Police stopped it at a distance of 8 nautical miles.

Investigations revealed that 4 irregular migrants from Syria, 13 men, one woman, three children aged 9 and 13 and an unaccompanied minor aged 12 were on board the 16 meter long boat.

The immigrants were taken to the Ayia Napa marina and when questioned, they said that they started yesterday morning from Syria and that they bought the boat together, paying about two and a half thousand dollars each.

From the registration of the details of immigrants it was found that the name of a person was on the stop list as a prohibited immigrant and he was arrested for a spontaneous offense.

Besides, the migrants identified a person as the driver of the boat and he was arrested by the Police.

The remaining migrants were transferred to the Pournara Hospitality Center in Kokkinotrimithia.

The three arrested are expected to be brought before the Famagusta District Court tomorrow morning for the issuance of their detention orders.

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