OP. AMMOCHOSTOU: Arrest warrant for a 35-year-old man for the attempted murder in Oroklini

The 35-year-old is allegedly linked to the 34-year-old businessman in Ayia Napa - His vehicle was spotted in the area of ​​Vrysouli

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An arrest warrant has also been issued for a 35-year-old from Sotira who was allegedly at the scene of the attempted murder in Oroklini, in the early hours of Sunday, in which a six-year-old child and a 42-year-old man were injured, the Police issued.

The suspect has been declared by his relatives as a missing person since December 6 and since then his traces have been lost. His vehicle was located in the area of ​​Vrysouli and seized by the British Bases who are expected to hand it over to the Police of the Republic. The vehicle had traces of flammable material, but for an unknown reason it did not catch fire.

The Police believe that this is what the perpetrator and his accomplice were using in the early hours of Sunday. Since the morning, meanwhile, the Police have been carrying out extensive searches both in Vrysoules and in Frenaros, in order to locate the 35-year-old, while testimonies are being collected to clarify what is hidden behind his mysterious disappearance.

The 35-year-old is allegedly connected to the 34-year-old businessman in Ayia Napa, who was arrested in the morning to facilitate investigations. The businessman, who is expected to be brought before the Larnaca Court tomorrow (10/12), is not placed at the scene of the attempted murder, but appears to have been linked to the case through testimony. It is recalled that on Wednesday a 31-year-old resident of Oroklinis was arrested, who was linked to genetic material found on a mask. In his written statement, the suspect allegedly confessed that he was recruited by the 35-year-old who is wanted, in order to execute a death contract against the 42-year-old, who is related to a person known to the authorities.

He also claimed that when he opened fire, with the stolen military rifle, against the two-cabin car driven by the 42-year-old, he did not know that the six-year-old child was also riding in it. However, there are other persons in the frame of the Police investigations and it is possible that the circle of arrests will expand.