Province of Famagusta: And a third boat with 17 migrants in less than twenty-four hours

Five people arrested as smugglers - Concern is caused by the fact that 37 immigrants, all men, illegally entered the territory of the Republic

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Five people were arrested to facilitate the Police's investigations regarding an investigated case concerning, among other things, assisting a person from a third country to illegally enter the Republic of Cyprus, assisting a person from a third country with intent and with the aim of making a profit, illegally entering the territory of the Republic and transporting a person through waterway with an unsafe or overloaded vessel.

As reported by Christos Andreou, the Police's press representative, "around 14.15:24 p.m. on Wednesday, August XNUMX, a boat was spotted sailing off Cabo Greco. In spite of the Port and Maritime Police, two hours later a wooden boat in which there were five irregular adult men from Syria approached.

He added that "shortly before seven in the afternoon, a second wooden boat was spotted sailing off Cabo Greco, which after investigations was found to be carrying 32" male migrants, of which 7 were minors.

It is noted that shortly after 01.30 in the morning the two boats sank due to their bad condition, as a result of which the occupants were collected by the Coastal and Maritime Police and taken safely to the fishing shelter of Paralimni.

The people on the boats reported to the Police that they started in the early hours of Wednesday, August 24 from a beach in Syria.

According to Mr. Andreou, during the Police examinations, testimony emerged against five men who appear to be involved in the crimes under investigation, while further investigations revealed that one of them is a prohibited immigrant and his entry into the Republic is prohibited due to his deportation .

The five men were arrested by virtue of a judicial arrest warrant and tomorrow they are expected to be brought before the Famagusta District Court for the issuance of a detention order.

The remaining migrants were transferred to the Pournara Irregular Migrant Reception Center.

Meanwhile, information from the Police states that around 3.00:17 p.m. on Thursday, a third boat was spotted off Cabo Greco, in which XNUMX men appear to be on board.

The cases are being investigated by the Famagusta TAE.

Source: KYPE