Famagusta District: DISY "locks" a ballot paper

b averof vouli Parliamentary Elections 2021, DISY

The parties' planning for the upcoming parliamentary elections is in full swing.

It seems that the Democratic Alarm will close its ballot very soon, since it has locked many seats so far.

The electoral process will be of particular interest in our Province as well, since the nomenclature that has been leaked so far, along with the political collaborations, is expected to set fire to the electoral "battle" of May.

So far, regarding the province of Famagusta and the Democratic Alarm, the vice-president of DISY, George Georgiou, is leaving after five terms, with his lawyer son Nikos Georgiou taking over the baton. Onoufrios Koullas, Kyriakos Hatzigiannis, Giorgos Karoullas are also re-claiming elections, while the positions for journalist Nikos Symeou, Famagusta Provincial NEDISY, Kleanthis Koutsoftas, former international basketball player Panos and Megos of DISY George Lysandridis.