Ammochosto Province: A drunk driver caused two traffic accidents

Heard his sentence in Court

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An order banning the driving of any motor vehicle was issued today by the Famagusta district court in Paralimni against a 41-year-old Bulgarian resident of Paralimni who was found on two different dates between the months of April and June to be driving under the influence of alcohol after previously being involved in traffic collisions.

Specifically, on 11/6/24 and around 2215 on Kappari Avenue in Paralimni, the 41-year-old while driving his motor vehicle lost control of his vehicle as a result of which he deviated from his course and collided with a parked vehicle. The scene was visited by members of the Paralimni Police Station where they subjected the 41-year-old to a preliminary alcohol test with an indication of 145mg% instead of 22mg% and then at the Paralimni police station he underwent a final alcohol test with an indication of 148mg% instead of 22mg%.

It should be noted that the 41-year-old was again involved in a road traffic collision on 15/4/24 in Paralimni where he was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol with a reading of 119mg% instead of 22mg%.

The 41-year-old appeared before the Famagusta District Court today for both cases where the Court set the case for answering the charges on 2/7/24 while issuing an order prohibiting the 41-year-old from driving any motor vehicle until the case is adjudicated .

The 41-year-old signed a cash guarantee of 5000 euros to ensure his presence in court. It should be noted that on 41/4/11 the 21-year-old was sentenced by the District Court of Famagusta for a case involving the same offense of driving under the influence of alcohol to a penalty of deprivation of a driver's license for a period of 30 days from 4/11/21-4 /12/21 and to a sentence of 45 days in prison with 3 years suspension which expires on 4/11/24. The Paralimni Police Station is investigating both cases.