Famagusta Province: New arrival of immigrants - Their overloaded boat sank

23 Syrian immigrants of which 18 men, 3 women and 2 children

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At around 3.20 yesterday afternoon, a boat about five meters long, with 22 irregular migrants on board (23 men, two children, and three women) was spotted at a distance of 18 nautical miles south-east of Cabo Greco.

A Coastal and Maritime Police boat rushed to the scene where, at a distance of approximately 13 nautical miles, it was found that the boat was taking on water because it was overloaded and the occupants were not wearing life jackets.

They all boarded the Akato Police Station, for their safety, while the boat they were on sank while being towed.

After they were safely transported to the Paralimni Fishing Refuge and in the context of the oral questioning of the above persons, testimony emerged against a 17.5-year-old person who brought him to be the boat's navigator and he was arrested. The remaining persons were transferred to the Temporary Hospitality Center in Pournara.

TAE Famagusta continues the exams.

Source: Cyprus Police / Image File