Province of Famagusta: The countries that "saved" the tourist year

According to the estimates of PA.SY.XE. Famagusta

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England and the Scandinavian countries "saved" the tourist year in the province of Famagusta, according to the Pancypriot Association of Hoteliers of Famagusta (PA.SY.XE. Famagusta). In a session held on November 4, the Association reviewed the current tourism season, which is coming to an end soon, while the tourism outlook for 2023 was analyzed.

In an announcement PA.SY.XE. Famagusta reports that "this year went more smoothly and satisfactorily than initially expected. This is because the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions that followed and were imposed on Russia, had the negative impact of 600.000 tourists not coming to the region."

The gap, he continues, was and remains huge and "we understand that it was extremely difficult to fill both for 2022 and for the following years". It is clear that he states "that the province of Famagusta was hit more than the other provinces due to its dependence on the Russian market" reports PA.SY.XE. Famagusta.

Our effort this year, “was focused on the other markets with the aim of increasing them to the maximum extent possible and reducing the losses. We have also seen new markets develop and this is particularly satisfying to us. This goal was achieved in parts and due to the fact that a number of hotels remained closed and others hosted Ukrainian refugees, the supply of rooms decreased and the rest of the hotels were satisfactorily occupied".

It is reported that "in addition to the above-mentioned problem, we were called to face the big problem of the accuracy of both electricity and consumables as well as food and beverages. The lack of staff also had its own negative impact. Nevertheless, together with the honorable efforts of the Under-Minister of Tourism and especially of the Under-Minister Savvas Perdio himself, we managed to limit the problem by increasing the rest of the tourist markets. The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works also played an important role in this effort, especially in the increase of flights from these markets. England, the Scandinavian countries and the countries of central Europe helped us especially this year".

Regarding tourist traffic in the free province of Famagusta, PASYXE Famagusta reports that "it is early enough to have a clear picture for 2023, but the indications show that, despite the uncertainty that prevails at the pan-European level due to the ongoing war, in the unlikely event that to expect a year very close to this year. The precision we are experiencing both in aircraft fuel, electricity and other products are pushing prices up and thus travel is expected to be negatively affected".

Despite the above negatives, says PASYXE of Famagusta, he emphasizes that "we are not disappointed and the effort to fill the gap from the Russian market continues in all directions. The first indications are positive".

Finally, PASYXE Famagusta emphasizes that "we have been faced with a negative cocktail of developments in recent years, but we are sure that tourism will recover very soon and will continue to play its very important role both in Cyprus and worldwide. After all, it has shown that it has solid foundations and can withstand much more than almost all other Industries of our country".

Source: KYPE