Famagusta: The inspections for employees in Limassol and Paphos are completed today

See in which areas tests are performed

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The laboratory testing program for workers who are excluded for transportation to and from the Limassol and Paphos Provinces continues and is completed today in Larnaca and the free province of Famagusta.

Sampling continues today, Friday, November 20, at one point in Larnaca and at three points in the free province of Famagusta, in Liopetri, in Avgorou and in Xylofagou.

Specifically in Larnaca the sampling takes place in a specially designed sampling room for COVID-19, located on the ground floor of Megaron Orfanidis, (in front of the supermarket ALPHA MEGA) at 20-22 Giannou Kranidiotis Avenue.

In free Famagusta, the sampling is carried out by A. Evangelou Chemistry in Liopetri located at Makariou 18, Kallitopo Megaro (next to the post office), in Avgorou at 60 Karyon Avenue (opposite the Community Improvement Council) and at Xylofagou at 47 Anastasi Street ( versus Bakery Yeast).

It is noted that the sampling that started at eight in the morning will continue until six in the afternoon.

Source: KYPE