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Famagusta: How many Russian and Ukrainian tourists do we end up losing? (infographic)

The loss of tourists from Russia and Ukraine for the province of Famagusta is a serious blow - First in search of El Famagusta for Russians and Ukrainians

The blow to the free province of Famagusta from the loss of tourists (at least) from Russia and Ukraine next or even the following summers seems to be a serious blow. These are particularly important markets for our island, but mainly for the free province of Famagusta which seems to be dependent on the two traditional markets, the United Kingdom and Russia.

Famagusta first in searches in Russia and Ukraine

According to an official report of the Ministry of Tourism released in February 2022 regarding internet searches in 2021 and ensured the Famagusta.News, the province of Famagusta remains first with a difference holding 48,4% with Paphos second with 35,1%.

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In terms of Google searches from different countries, the list demonstrates the great importance of the Russian and Ukrainian markets for the province of Famagusta.

More specifically, first in searches is Sweden with 93,5%, followed by Αυστρία with 68,9%, h Russia with 65,7%, h Ukraine with 59,1% and United Kingdom with 36,7%. In fact, in the search percentages, it seems that Russians are looking for the province of Famagusta by 65,7%, Paphos by 17,8% and almost no other provinces. For their part, the Ukrainians are looking for 59,1% in Famagusta, 13,3% in Paphos and almost all the other areas.

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The Russian and Ukrainian market in numbers

According to the Statistical Service, out of the 3.976.777 visitors who arrived in our country in 2019, 22% corresponding to 876.887, were visitors from Russia and Ukraine, and more specifically, 781.856 of Russia and 95.031 of Ukraine. It is worth noting that in the event that affected by the war situation and neighboring countries, visitors in detail from the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union for 2019 were as follows:

  • TOTAL ARRIVALS IN 2019: 3.976.777
  • Russia: 781.856
  • Ukraine: 95.031
  • Λετονία: 15.398
  • Λιθουανία: 18.580
  • Poland: 80.243
  • Romania: 57.313
  • Slovakia: 32.844
  • Belarus: 22.136
  • * There is no recorded data for Εσθονία and Georgia
  • It is noted that visitors from United Kingdom in 2019 amounted to: 1.330.635.

How much do they spend

According to the Statistical Service for 2019, the average number of tourists who visit our island, spend per capita € 674,70 and about € 75 per day. The tourist from United Kingdom is well above the average as per capita guests spend € 726,70 and per day € 73,40. In 2019 the average per capita expenditure for them Russians guests was below the overall average and ranged at € 656 per capita and € 69,80 per day, while much lower were the costs of Ukrainians guests with € 485,80 per head and € 60,70 per day.

  • Average on total visitors
    • Total per capita: € 674,70
    • Total per day: € 75
  • United Kingdom
    • Total per capita: € 726,70
    • Total per day: € 73,40
  • Russia
    • Total per capita: € 656
    • Total per day: € 69,80
  • Ukraine
    • Total per capita: € 485,80
    • Total per day: € 60,70

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