OP. AMMOCHOSTOU: They are looking for a failure for the floods in the Department of Meteorology

The investigation will look at whether a warning should have been issued and was not issued

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Protoselidos hosted the Director of the Meteorology Department on Tuesday morning on the occasion of the internal investigation being conducted in the department regarding the floods that affected areas in the free Famagusta last weekend.

"It is neither an administrative nor a disciplinary investigation."

The Director of Meteorology explained that this is a requirement of the 9001 - 2015 system that the Department has, which wants to investigate incidents that may involve incorrect procedures.

"The subject of the internal technical investigation is whether a warning should have been issued based on the data for the period from Friday night to Saturday morning.

The investigation will therefore look into whether a warning should have been issued and was not issued. Was there a lack of data? Failure to forecast? Is there human error? We will answer these questions. We are not going to condemn someone but to improve the services provided."

If failure due to incorrect procedures becomes apparent, then the Director of the Service will assume his responsibilities and improve the services, said Mr. Nikolaidis.

"The areas in which the flood phenomena occurred are based on the flood map, they are areas that were dangerous. The statements of the residents there were very clear, "whenever it rains, we are afraid that they will not enter our houses...", said Mr. Nikolaidis.