Province of Ammochosto: Severe bullying of a Cypriot transgender - "Her life was threatened"

"She can react on her own by holding a knife and intimidate them," the police told her

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Merciless Intimidation was reported by a transgender woman from the province of Famagusta yesterday, Monday 17/06, in the Parliament. The complaint was brought to light by the representative of the ACCEPT organization, Stefanos Evaggelidis, before the members of the parliamentary Human Rights Committee.

Stefanos Evaggelidis, a member of LGBTQIA, made a serious complaint about the bullying experienced by a woman who belongs to the transgender community in the province of Famagusta.

Speaking on Sigma's Mesimeri and Kati show, Mr. Evangelidis said that "we should not get to the point where these things are happening, we have reached the point where the Constitutional Rights regarding the protection of the home are violated and we enter people's homes and make them bullying".

Mr. Evaggelidis complained that her life was threatened stating that "the person in question has been bullied for two years and the complaints that were made at the police stations were not heard to the point where they chased the person away telling him that he must come with a lawyer or that he can react alone holding a knife and to intimidate them".

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