Province of Famagusta: The "slap" on DISY, AKEL, DIKO, the Phidias phenomenon and the arrogance of the parties

The day after the European and Municipal Elections, the change of the party map in the province of Famagusta, the discrediting of the parties and what the voter chooses

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The election of Phidias Panagiotou to the European Parliament, expected by many - but unwelcome by the traditional parties - brought repeated rearrangements on the political map. Of course, this fact prompted the representatives of the parties to deal only with the - under normal circumstances - impossible case of an independent candidate being elected to the European Parliament and not with the surprises in the Municipal Elections which also lead to a redefinition of the political map.

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Resounding fall of parties in the European elections

All the traditional parties except ELAM suffered a resounding decline in the European elections. Specifically the National Popular Front recorded an increase of 3,16 percentage points. On the other hand, Phidias Panagiotou received 4.324 votes and a percentage of 17% and emerged as the fourth party in the province of Famagusta. The biggest drop in percentages was recorded by DISY with a loss of 9,82% while the AKEL recorded a decline of 6,72%. They recorded smaller but significant losses DIKO, EDEK, DIPA and Ecologists with percentage reductions of 3,32%, 3,07%, 0,54% and 1,06% respectively. It is worth noting that the largest percentage in the province of Famagusta o Phidias Panagiotou occupied it at Sotira with 22,8% while the COME M emerged first party in Liopetri with 27,2%. His percentages were also high COME M on Paralimni where the candidate was Linos Ioannis Hatzigeogiou, who comes from Paralimni, and in particular he occupied a percentage of the order of 27,5% and there was a breath from DISY who occupied 32%.

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The successes and the... slaps at DISY

The surprises and the image of the discrediting of the parties that was reflected in the ballot box could not leave the Municipal Elections unaffected. Recently, however, the party machines have been working intensively in order to achieve the mobilization of voters and to avoid further losses. In particular, the party of Pindaros, through its MPs and members of the political office, "plowed" the province of Famagusta almost on a daily basis. His election is credited to the successes of DISY and the cooperation with DIPA and EDEK Giannis Karousou in the Presidency of the Provincial Council with a percentage 54,9%, the election Christos Zannettos in the Municipality of Ayia Napa with 54,1% and Giorgos Nicolettos with 39,1%. His election must be considered a great surprise as well as a success Kostas Michael with 35,4% who was supported by DISY in the Vice-Mayorship of Frenarous, a traditionally "red" municipal district, as well as his election Antonis Koumis in Sotira with 7 votes difference from his opponent Mario Adamou.

On the other hand, one cannot overlook the slaps received by DISY in the province of Famagusta. From one to Paralimni, the former member of the Politburo Cleanthis Koutsoftas, whom the party of Pindarus actually deleted because he disagreed with the choice of support to Abraham Moulazimi-American, was solemnly elected Deputy Mayor of Paralimni with a percentage 36,7% and on the other hand its success is considered important Markou Koumis on Liopetri where it was imposed on the elected of the DISY Vasou Georgiou (Manoli) with 43,1%. In fact, no one can overlook the course of the also deleted Louka Polykarpou who faced 4 other contenders for the Municipality of Paralimni - Deryneia and without party support, took second place with 26% and 3.824 votes.

Community voters and the... envelopes

However, from the day after the elections, the fact of the mass participation of community voters from the countries of Bulgaria and Romania in the elections is being discussed strongly and to a large extent. What is being discussed by a large number of people is that a large number of community voters flocked to the polls with ... printed instructions about the preference crosses, while citizens do not fail to complain about the fact that they were ... paid to be encouraged to go to the polls, without however having be made known if there are any formal complaints.

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