Province of Famagusta: Impersonated the contractor and received 128 thousand. euros to build 5 houses

He managed to extract 128 thousand euros - Handcuffs to a 61-year-old

photo 27 exclusive, Police
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A case of extracting money with false representations is being investigated by the Police, in the province of Famagusta, whose members proceeded to arrest a 61-year-old man yesterday, to facilitate the investigations.

According to information from the Police, the case was reported to the TAE of Famagusta, by a resident of the district of Famagusta. According to the complainant, in September 2023, he reached an agreement with the 61-year-old, who introduced himself to him as the owner of a construction company, for the construction of five houses, on a plot of land, which he maintains in the province of Famagusta. For this purpose, the complainant allegedly gave the 61-year-old an amount of €128,500, however the 61-year-old has not yet proceeded with the construction of the houses.

From the Police examinations, it was established that the 61-year-old does not deal with and is not registered in any contracting company, while his alleged company is not registered with the Registrar of Companies either.

A judicial arrest warrant was issued against the 61-year-old, pursuant to which he was arrested yesterday and taken into custody to facilitate investigations.

TAE Famagusta is investigating the case.