Finally..application for Maria Markou - She lives in Germany to watch

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According to today's post, Maria Markou from Paralimni was discharged from the German Hospital.

As she mentioned, she has 2 more months ahead of her in Germany, where she will visit twice a week for analyzes and monitoring.

Finally, he notes that the bone marrow donors are the opportunity and hope for the treatment of leukemia patients.

Her post as it is:

Finally after 2 months in the hospital and +42 days after the transplant I was discharged. I had good days, bad days and some very bad days but it was a big step, I have 2 more months ahead of me here in Germany where I will go twice a week for tests and follow-up by the doctor…

PS: The drug that gives a chance to patients with Leukemia to be cured is called:
Volunteer bone marrow donor
I personally have the name Elena Marcou - Ghobrial ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Me and you together are the cure 💟💟