Carmel: Frenarous station records very high rainfall rates

The areas with the highest percentages

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The rains brought with it by the barometric low "Carmel" worked beneficially, which raised the average rainfall from the beginning of December to 100% of normal for the month.

In fact, according to the latest data from the Meteorological Department, the rainfall in the free areas in the last three days amounted to almost 42% of normal for the whole month. In particular, the average rainfall in the free areas amounted to 44 millimeters (mm) compared to 105,6 mm, which is the historical data 1961 - 1990 from the 1st of the month.

Thus, the total amount of rainfall from December 1 amounted to 105,4 mm compared to 105,6 mm which is normal.

However, the average rainfall from October 1 (beginning of the hydrological year) is at 74% of normal by the end of the month.

According to the data, the highest rainfall rates compared to normal for the month are recorded at Larnaca airport station with 169%, followed by Frenarous station with 118% and Stavros tou Psoka with 116% of normal for the month.

The heaviest rainfall during the last three days was recorded at the station of Stavros of Doka with 71 mm (normal for the month 161,9 mm), followed by Platania with 69,1 mm (185,8 mm) and Pano Panagia with 60 mm (160,4, XNUMXmm).