FRENAROS: Acquaintance visits of the new Director of EVEA in the industrial area

He visited businesses in the Frenaro industrial area

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Acquaintance visits of the new Secretary / Director of the Famagusta Chamber to members of the Chamber in the industrial area of ​​Frenaros

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In the context of the acquaintance of the new director of the Chamber of Famagusta Elena Michailidis with the members of the Chamber, Elena Michailidi visited companies in the industrial area of ​​Frenaro, where she had the opportunity to ask with our members and record the various problems that concern them.285432026 5207578115931003 8470360211469961610 ​​n exclusive

Elena told the businessmen that the Chamber of Famagusta is by their side and will do its utmost to help solve their problems. The aim of the Chamber is to continue the acquaintance meetings between the new Secretary / Director and members after , in addition to the need for acquaintance, these meetings are very useful for promoting the issues that concern businesses.285745024 5207578079264340 2838288693094506037 ​​n exclusive

Elena assured that she will continue this dialogue with the companies, because she seeks to know first hand the problems of the companies.

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