BRAKER: High school students share their experiences from Erasmus in Germany (PICTURES)

Students from Cyprus meet students from Germany to make "sustainability" tangible

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Students from Cyprus and Germany make "sustainability" tangible at Betzdorf, Germany.

For the first time, the Kokkinochorion High School of Panos Ioannou, visited, within the ERASMUS + program, the IGS Betzdorf-Kirchen school, located in the communities of Betzdorf-Kirchen in Germany.

The school team consisted of 7 students, 2 accompanying teachers and the principal. Their stay was characterized by a lot of energy and in cooperation with our German partners, various actions were carried out.

The final result of the activities was presented to the public on the last day of their visit, at the weekly market in Betzdorf.

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First acquaintance with the school and the educational system in Betzdorf-Churches in Germany.

Initially, before the trip took place, the students of the two schools, in online meetings, exchanged views and ideas on the concept of sustainability and how a city or an island could be sustainable. On this island the inhabitants use for their survival the renewable energy sources, the means of public transport, agriculture and fisheries.

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Meet the students, discuss their topic and start activities.

Specifically, a biomass power plant was built, a wind farm for wind power and an electric train. They also built small houses with photovoltaics. The development of agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing was presented by the cultivation of lettuce, the breeding of cows and the inclusion of fishermen in the field of fishing both on land and at sea.

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In addition, the collaborating teams using recyclable materials (bottles & beverage cans) made beautiful vases, which they painted imaginatively, as well as eight bird nests, which will be placed on school premises next school year. Finally, they made raised flowerbeds from pallets, on the front of which the flags of the two countries were painted.

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Construction of nests and raised flowers with the flags of the two countries.

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The end result of our activities was presented to the public on the last day of our visit to the weekly market in Betzdorf.

In addition to the constructions, the students of the school attended Chemistry classes, where they did experiments with the students from Germany. The Cypriot delegation also visited Cologne and Bonn.

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Chemistry Experiments

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 Bonn: Museum Beethoven  
Image 13 exclusiveCologne: Cathedral

It should be emphasized that in all the activities the students faced the language challenge without any problems, since the discussions between them took place in English.

It is worth noting that in September 2022 the German partners, teachers and students, will visit the "High School of Kokkinochoria Panos Ioannou" in Frenaros to complete the program. This will give our guests the opportunity to get to know both the educational system and the school life of Cyprus, as well as some historical sites.

Some of the experiences of the children who participated in the program:

Maria S.: “From my trip to Germany, within the framework of the ERASMUS + program, I presented only positive impressions. I got to know the structure and operation of a school abroad and came in contact with the culture of another people. I was lucky enough to take chemistry classes in the school lab and I admit it was great. I saw and met people from all over the world as the school is multicultural and hosts students with roots from all over the world, I built strong friendships and shared unforgettable moments with my classmates. I really feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to live such an experience. The German partners took us on a tour of various places, we ate with them, danced traditional dances and spent creative time together. We all had the need to get away from the daily routine of school and do something different and we were really rewarded in the best way! Erasmus + was the best gift I could have given myself. It was a school of life and an experience that everyone should live. ”

Chrystalla P. "The trip to Germany that we went with our teachers was a unique experience that I will never forget. The school in Betzdorf was really impressive. Their classrooms were fully equipped and their school system was very different from that in Cyprus. During the trip our German students showed only love and respect. We had a great time and made connections with children we would not have known otherwise. We all look forward to seeing the German students again in September and we hope that they will do as well as we did. ”

Maria Th. "At some point all the magical journeys seem to come to an end. At the end of this trip I gained unique, unforgettable experiences. I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to get to know the mentality, the way of life, the educational system but also the culture of our German friends, living wonderful moments with them. We also created unique relationships with both the guys on the team and the Germans. "

Loizos L .: "I did not expect a trip to excite me so much. The incredible and fantastic experiences I have had vary. Both the green landscapes and the lakes aroused my interest. The culmination of this journey is the strong relationships we have established with the students from there. We saw the way they think. We learned their manners and customs. We also tasted traditional German cuisine. ”

Konstantinos N. "The trip to Germany with Erasmus + was a unique and unforgettable experience for us students. This trip gave us the opportunity to get to know the German school system, as well as to make new friends. Through our trip we saw many sights and big cities. But the most important thing for me was that we made new friendships and through the various activities we participated in, to get closer to each other. I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to be a member of this program and to live these unforgettable moments. ”

Antonia Th. "The trip with Erasmus + to Germany was a unique and unforgettable experience that few students have the opportunity to live. This trip gave us the opportunity to meet students from another school, new cities and attractions. We also had the opportunity to learn how their schools work and to identify differences and similarities in relation to our own system. The most important thing for me was to make a new friendship with the students of Germany and the various activities that were done to get closer and create new experiences. Erasmus + gives us unique experiences and I feel lucky to have been one of the students who visited this country. ”