Frenaros: On Sunday we make piss and fingers at Mylos Hatzigiorki

Chef Giorgos Tziortzis teaches us the art of crispy foil and syrup

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Cyprus Millers by Hadjigiorkis participates in the Experiential Laboratories of Handicrafts and Wine Gastronomy, which are subsidized by the Ministry of Tourism with a multitude of topics, from the cultural wealth of our place!

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We make piss and fingers

Instructor: Chef George Tziortzis.

Flakes and fingers, the sweets that shortened our childhood years, that accompany a good family table, our afternoon coffee, meeting with dear friends. Chef Giorgos Tziortzis teaches us the art of crisping their leaves and syruping them in two workshops as part of the Experiential Crafts and Gastronomy Workshops, sponsored by Yf. Tourism.

Sunday, 17 July 2022
Morning Workshop: 11: 00-13: 00
Afternoon Workshop: 16: 00-18: 00
During the workshop there will be a guided tour of the Hatzigiorki Mills Museum.

-Free participation.
Reservation is required at 23821945 or at The reservation is not valid if you have not contacted the organizers by phone or have not received a confirmation email.
-Parking space is available at Cyprus Millers by Hadjigiorkis.
-Foti Pitta Avenue 80, Frenaros, 5350.
-The space is accessible for people who move with a wheelchair.
-You can be informed about all the laboratories offered on the website of Yf. Tourism: