BRAKE: In July the Pancyprian Cultural Watermelon Festival

The festival returns fiercer this year

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Pancyprian Cultural Watermelon Festival - July 8, 2022 at the Community Stadium of Frenaro.

The Frenaros Community Council in collaboration with the organized ensembles and the producers of the Community, organizes one of the coolest festivals in Cyprus, which honors one of the most popular seasonal fruits.

This is the Watermelon Festival, which is organized in Frenaros and is organized with great love and passion by the residents of the community, the organized ensembles and the watermelon producers.

Besides, Frenaros is famous for its exceptional watermelons as well as many communities of Kokkinochoria.

The festival returns this year on Friday, July 8, at the Frenaro Community Stadium.

There, people will be able to taste for free their favorite summer fruit and many species made from watermelon, as is done every year.

The festival will not miss rich delicacies, live music and famous singers.