Kokkinohorion High School: And the students at the side of the Principal

This is the letter that justifies the school principal

lykeio Lyceum of Kokkinochorion Foti Pitta, Students
Stock Image, Kokkinochorion High School

At the side of the Director of the Lyceum of Kokkinochorion "Fotis Pittas" are the students themselves and the Central Student Council of the School.

In a communication with Famagusta.News, the President of the Central Student Council, George Papaioannou, stated that the responsibility for postponing the referendum belongs to the Central Student Council of the school which requested its postponement through a letter to ESEM Famagusta, which follows . According to the President of the KMS of the Lyceum of Kokkinochorion, he informed the Principal of the School, who in turn stated that the decision clearly belongs to the Central Student Council.

In fact, the President of the Central Student Council characteristically stated that "I personally, as the President of the school, which bears the name of my grandfather, Fotis Pitta, do not allow illegal things to happen and in the end to blame people who defend the ideals of our school."

The letter of KMS to ESEM Famagusta is as follows:

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