Giorgos Nikolettos: He is running for the position of President of the District. Council of Famagusta

Giorgos Nikolettos claims the anointing of DISY for the position of President of the Famagusta District Council

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Giorgos Nikolettos is claiming DISY's anointing for the position of President of the Famagusta District Council, according to an announcement he has published on social media.

See his post as it is:

Competitors, competitors,
Fellow citizens,

The elections of June 9, 2024, for local government, are rightly characterized as critical, for many reasons. These are the first elections to be held under the new legislative framework, that of local government reform. Citizens are invited to participate in an electoral process, with significant differences from the processes of decades. And this will inevitably raise issues, which we are called upon to manage, explaining the differences, solving problems and listing the multitude of improvements that reform will bring.

The new legislative framework puts the relationship between citizens and local government on a new basis, and that is why we should all work hard to start this new relationship properly and progress productively, for the good of local communities. It is also the first election, after the unprecedented period for our party, which passed after the presidential elections of 2023. A period that caused wounds, but not unhealable, if we all have the will to heal them.

In particular, for our region, the local government elections are of particular importance. We live in a semi-occupied province, which faces as many problems as it has prospects. The province of Famagusta, first in the development of the Cypriot tourism product, is the pillar of the Cypriot economy, a pioneer in the agricultural economy and micro-industry, it gives a lot to the state and society and receives little. And that has to change and I aim to change it.

For the above reasons, I can characterize the local government elections as really critical. And with full knowledge of all the parameters, which define the criticality of the moments, I place myself in the judgment of the competent collective bodies of our party, which will choose those who will be invited to represent DISY in the election contest, as candidates.

I claim the anointing of the #DISY candidate for the position of President of the Famagusta District Council.

I am ready to stand before the democratic process, which will choose the party's candidate for the position of President of the Famagusta District Council. A procedure that is appropriate to the history and principles of DISY and is expressly provided for by the Statute of our party.

I consider the procedure that should be followed for the selection of DISY candidates for all the contested positions, including the position of the candidate President of the Famagusta District Council, to be of great importance. The voting procedure should be followed, where the members and those who have the right to vote will vote, as expressly provided by the DISY Statute.

In this way:
• The proverbial democracy of our party is confirmed

• The validity of the selection process, and therefore the result, is ensured.

• The unity of the party is secured and the symptoms of discord that have been observed between the citizens of the municipalities in the area are dealt with.

• And above all, it is ensured that the party's base has the main say in our party's choices.

Competitors, competitors,
Fellow citizens,

I have served for fifteen years in the local government and five years in the largest and most important semi-governmental organization, the Cyprus Electricity Authority. I gained knowledge and experiences, which I want to put at the service of my fellow citizens of Famagusta District.

My education and training as a Civil Engineer and many years of professional experience will support the implementation of the policies I want to implement as President of the Famagusta District Council and will ensure the existence of expertise in the technocratic part of my duties. But above all, I strongly feel that I want to contribute to the province in which I grew up, grew up and became active.

To achieve this, I will seek to work together, the municipalities, the communities as a fist for the good of our province, away from divisions and rivalries between the municipalities, which some have cultivated in recent years. And of course, I will seek consultation and cooperation with all parties, for the common good, for the good of the residents of our province, because for me local self-government is above parties.

Fellow citizens,

With humility, but with determination, with knowledge of the difficulties, but with a mood for daily struggle, having confidence in the judgment of the members of the DISY, but also in general in the judgment of my fellow citizens, of the Famagusta region, I submit my candidacy for the anointing of the candidate of DISY for the position of President of the Famagusta District Council.