Chryso Tsokkou on FN for the first arrivals of tourists in Famagusta Province (INTERVIEW)

The reception of the first tourists, the situation in the Tourism Industry and the forecasts for this year's tourist season - Chryso Tsokkou in an interesting interview

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An interesting interview of Mrs. Chrysos Tsokkos-PapaEvelthontos (Director A.Tsokkos Hotels Public LTD) in relation to the first arrivals of tourists in the Province of Famagusta. 

It is pointed out that the first tourists who came to Protaras for this year's tourist season stay at the hotel “Constantinos the Great” 5 *.

Watch the interview as it is: 

Mrs. Tsokkou, how did you receive the first tourists in your hotels?

It is with great joy and enthusiasm that we welcomed the first tourists from Russia on Sunday in the province of Famagusta. Wish and hope of all of us these first arrivals to be the beginning of the end of the very difficult period that we all experienced. Arrivals are still few but I consider them to be the beginning and that is why they have a lot of essential value. These first arrivals are good news we have heard in recent months and we are also sending the right messages in every direction. The equation of tourism remains of course difficult.

Are contacts and communication with foreign travel agents for new reservations continued?

We are in daily contact with all the competent bodies and we are constantly trying to promote and restart tourism in our country.

It seems that the worst period in the recent history of Cypriot tourism is definitely coming to an end. The first arrivals are the leaven, if you will, for the fastest possible recovery.

The whole province has suffered a lot, or even suffers from the measures and restrictions. The despair and uncertainty that prevailed for over a year, seems small slowly being replaced in the hope of a definitive gradual transition to normalcy.

What are your forecasts for tourism in our province?

As much as possible to make safe predictions, a first major reactivation is expected around Easter, with arrivals mainly from Russia and Israel. We are also waiting for the decisions of the government of the United Kingdom where it is a very important market for our country. And then we expect all the other markets to gradually open up. There are concerns among tourism professionals about the double or even triple tests required and that there are no delays at airports. We also expect Cypriots to be allowed to spend the night in hotels as soon as possible to give an extra boost.

 On the issue of vaccinations of workers in the hotel industry?

Of course, the better the vaccination plan is implemented, the better, as it is the key to allowing travel to more and more destinations. Vaccination of employees in the tourism chain would be a serious incentive for travel organizers, something that neighboring countries have capitalized on. It is understood that the observance of the protocols and the removal of the traffic restrictions are necessary conditions. It is also very important to mention that many countries decide to open a tourist destination based on the good epidemiological picture so it is important to be able to have a very good picture.

Is there optimism for the future?

We are optimistic despite the small or big obstacles that still exist on the road, soon and no later than June the situation will have substantially normalized, and all companies and employees will breathe both financially and psychologically. We will try with all our might to bring tourism to our province.

Thank you very much.