The moving photo: Elias Hadjimichael in Anorthosis with Thanasis (PICTURES)

"From above, they play as if they were our last ... Vysi Varosiotiki" - The moving act of love for one of our fellow human beings - They arranged to watch the Anorthosis match in Papadopoulos

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Elias Hatzimichael went to Anorthosis, to the stadium with Thanasis!

On Saturday, Elias's soul was filled. It was filled with the greatness of Thanasis's soul and with the joy that his wish was fulfilled. In a post he describes how he experienced "two matches… ”To Antonis Papadopoulos.

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The touching post made by Elias Hadjimichael:

On Saturday we had the blessing together with my colleague Antonis to experience jay to feel a greatness of soul, an example to imitate, a model !!

I will tell you how we experienced it, because I have to say it….

After the expression of desire of our Thanasis, Athanasios Athanassiou (after arrangements by our colleagues and the approval of our boss Riana Constantinou) we started to go to his house to go to Antonis Papadopoulos for the match.

At the beginning of the journey, in order to unravel a lot, we started to sing Christ Resurrected, a Christ Resurrected full of anticipation, patience and faith, despite the fact that Golgotha, which is so agitated, is fading away.

 We said jial chants to jay and then he yelled at me:

 Oh my Elias can we say no troubles?

To say whatever you want, I shout to him with a heart full of emotion.

We arrive at the stadium without realizing it, we enter, I see a smile of satisfaction, you go to his mouths.

Just listen….

I sat next to him as if you were on a stretcher. I sing to one of you, I cry to what is happening in the stadium, Jay carefully turned his right hand to listen to me….

A lady next to us was running her eyebrows as if she were us…

Then we washed our headphones and listened to the match. Antonis and I were always by his side.282312636 3288703014682386 2792106112144503769 n exclusive, Antonis Papadopoulos, THANASIS

He was applauding, shouting slogans, from above the game as if it were his last… West Varosiotiki, Kotzinochorkatiki…

We lose…. We applaud Mars as he was fed up, we leave… Lita…

But in the ambulance, as if we were turning, our joy was unnecessary, the radio was playing, we were playing again, we were joking until we were so tired that we enjoyed the laughter of Jane…

Our purpose was another that we achieved.

We arrive at σο. Night pkion… silence with the army, only our voices that rejoiced in the air.

Let's go back to the match room…

Thank you for calling us…

Oh, oh we's crying… We are pleased !!