The Youth of Paralimni organizes the most special Christmas party

DJ Battles, Beer Pong, Flip Cup and other games with prizes for the winners - Join now

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This Thursday, 29/12/2022 the Youth of Paralimni is organizing a unique Party in the center of the square, behind the Christmas Tree.

Start time 18:00 until 02:00.

At 20:00 the drinking game competition starts
A) Beer Pong (4Vs4)
B) Flip Cup – Triliza (4Vs4)
C) Flip Cup – Relay (4-8 Vs 4-8)
D) Flip Cup – Four-sided ( 1 Vs 1 Vs 1 Vs 1).

At 22:00 the final will start where the winning team will win the prize.

The audience will get to know "who can flip it"

At the point there will be non-stop music and after the final, Dj Battle will follow to start the party!

Furthermore, the attendees will be able to enjoy drinks and food, such as hotdogs, burgers, potatoes, beer & cocktails.

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