Techniki Avgorou dances Cypriot dances in a Pan-Cypriot Competition - Watch the video

Watch the unique video of Avgorou Technical School students - Competing in a Pan-Cypriot competition with a first prize of €50.000

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Avgorou Technical School took part in the "Love Cyprus" contest by the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation, which aims to provide opportunities to promote the taking of initiatives for creative expression of students through photographic art, traditional dance, the creation of short films and the written word.

The competition is addressed to public Primary, Secondary General and Secondary Technical Vocational Education and Training schools, which can participate with individual or group creations of the students.

In the province of Famagusta, traditions continue uninterrupted as people are tied to their place and soil. Thus, the students of TESEK Famagusta/Avgoros continue the tradition of Cypriot dances, dancing the virtuoso dance of "Drepanio" and "Tacia", the Levantine "Zeibekiko", the women's and men's "Antichristos" and "Syrtos".

Today's young people, by dancing traditionally, convey stories and customs of many years, capturing the identity and values ​​of our country.

Watch the video: